The Warrior and The Wizard

Years ago I attended two experiential events put on by Peak Potentials and T. Harv Eker. One was called Enlightened Warrior Training Camp (Warrior). The other was called Wizard Training Camp (Wizard). They changed my life.

Warrior was all about busting through obstacles.

Moving through fear. Making things happen. I was a natural. I’m a “busting through” kind of person. Think “bulldozer.”

Wizard was about allowing.

Learning to receive. The exact opposite of making things happen, it was about manifesting. Think “feather.”

Wizard was a challenging week for me. Learning to let go has been something I’ve been practicing ever since, and while I’ve finally gotten pretty good at it, it’s been a process. I spent the first 40 years of my life bulldozing.

While this “bulldozing” helped me put myself through college, run marathons, create a successful marketing career while raising two children, and build three successful businesses, it also led to stress, burnout, and I know I’ve ruffled some feathers along the way. A bulldozer doesn’t worry so much about damaging things around it as it does clearing its path.

It’s been about seven years since I attended Warrior and Wizard, and I’m now very clear that both energies are an integral part of life.

Sometimes we require the Warrior strength and perseverance. Other times we are better served by the Wizard energy of letting go.

The key is to balance the two and know when each approach is most appropriate.

The other night my daughter asked “How do I let go when I want something so badly?” My answer? When you realize something is out of your control, it’s best to let it go. Because as hard as you push, it’s probably not going to make a difference. And in fact, it will very likely push that which you want so badly, further away.

Conversely, when you have the opportunity or ability to affect the outcome by taking action, and yes, even “bulldozing” in some cases, go ahead and fire up the engines. Give it all you’ve got. That’s when the saying “If it’s to be it’s up to me” is absolutely the truth!

Following Inspiration is about embracing Wizard energy. Learning to do so has brought a peace into my life that I never experienced when I was always in Warrior mode. And some pretty magical things have manifested as well!

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