Throwing The To-Do List Out The Window

I’ve always been a goal-oriented person.

I’ve always been a planner.

I’ve always been organized.

Inherent in all three is a certain way of living. It involves setting goals, creating a plan, and creating a to-do list of all the things I need to “to do” to accomplish the goal. That list is broken down and specific tasks are scheduled each day.

The idea being, if you take all the little steps (do the daily to-do’s), eventually you will achieve the goal.

The to-do list often means spending your days doing things you don’t really feel like doing. You do them out of obligation to your goal.

But what if there were another way?

What if you could throw the to-do list out the window and still accomplish your goals?

I believe there is and I’ve been living this way since December.

Yes, I still have goals.  More than that, I have a clear vision about what I want to do and create in this one life of mine. And yes, I’ve even come up with some ways I think I can get there, and I have some things to do on my calendar.

What’s changed is I am not a slave to this calendar and to-do list.

When I wake up in the morning, I do what I’m inspired to do. And if that’s not what’s on my calendar for the day, guess what, it doesn’t matter (unless it’s an appointment that involves other people – I honor those).

By yielding to my inspirations, I’ve discovered several things:

1)   Magic occurs frequently in my life

2)   Everything is easier

So, if I’m scheduled to write an article on a specific day and I don’t feel inspired, I don’t write. Without fail, I wake up inspired to write a day or two later and the article practically writes itself (and it’s a much better article).

If it’s the weekend and I’m “supposed” to be playing (I’m a big advocate of NOT working 24/7) and I wake up inspired to work on a project or shoot videos for my business, I honor that. And you know what, I get so much accomplished that by the end of the day I find myself thinking, “Did all that take just 5 hours?” when it seems like 10 hours worth of work.

I have found that everything that needs to get done eventually gets done.

And the things that don’t get done, aren’t necessary.

Living by inspiration, we still get to our goals. We still achieve our vision… but with a couple of bonuses. Usually, we get there faster, or we get someplace much better…and we TOTALLY enjoy the journey!


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