Time is Money… Maybe Not!

How many times have you heard the phrase “time is money”?

We’re often taught to view time that way so as not to waste it… perhaps so we’ll recognize how precious it is.

However, according to Sanford DeVoe, one of two researchers at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management, who recently conducted a study on time and money, “treating time as money can actually undermine your well-being.”

The study found that people who put a price on their time are more likely to feel impatient when they are not using their time to earn money. The result? They don’t enjoy leisure activities as much.

The study found that if we think of time in terms of money it actually changes the way we experience time. I know I can relate to this. I enjoy life much more now that I am not so focused on money. I find it easier to relax and just do nothing. I don’t always feel the pressure that I have to be accomplishing something. Just enjoying life is OK!

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After spending 32 years in marketing, Debbie now spends her time blogging, teaching online courses, doing volunteer pet therapy, and encouraging others to follow a more inspired path through life.

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