To Publish or Not To Publish

I’ve often found that when I have inspired ideas, my head argues with my heart.

Of course the inspired path means following your heart, and ignoring your head. Very often inspired ideas don’t make any sense. If they made sense, our head would have thought of them!

However, the head is usually driven by ego, by “what will people think?”, “what if I make a mistake?” and other fears. And, I’ve learned making decisions from a place of fear is not the way to go. Rarely does it turn out well.

I’ve promised to openly share my experiences and challenges with Following Inspiration, and here’s an example of what happened to me today.

Yesterday, I had finished putting together my June Makeover Minute ezine, the monthly enewsletter I publish as The Business Stylist. My goal was to introduce this new blog to my ezine audience, so I also spent most of yesterday writing posts and putting the finishing touches on this blog. Well, as finishing as I could do myself. Several of those finishing touches need to be done by my web person.

Last night when I signed off work for the day, I decided I would hold off on sending out my ezine until my web person had finished her work on this blog: a plan conceived in my head, ruled by the idea that “I can’t introduce people to my new blog if it’s not complete and perfect.” If that’s not ego talking I don’t know what is!?!

Well, this morning, I got a very strong sense that I needed to publish the ezine TODAY.

While my head reminded me, “the blog is not ready” my heart said “it’s time, it doesn’t matter…you need to get this out.”

After a little battle back and forth between my head and my heart, I yielded to my heart, decided to take inspired action and I hit SEND…and out went the ezine.

It felt good to get it out.

It allowed me to release that energy and move onto several other things I wanted to get done today.

And you know what, no one even knew the blog wasn’t quite ready (until now because I just told you!)

Inspiration won today.  And it feels good!

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