Together Again

maverick and cheyenne

It happened.

Cheyenne, my 12-1/2 year old chow chow, passed away last night.

Losing one dog is difficult. Losing two in the span of seven months is heart-wrenching. But I guess she was ready. Ready to meet back up with Maverick, her lifelong companion for 12 years, on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.

As independent as she was—she was a chow chow after all—she was loyal to the bone.

Very loving in her own way. While she was never all that close to me, after we lost Maverick in February, that changed. She started following me around and meeting me at the door whenever I came home. She even started letting me brush her, something she refused to do her entire life. I think she enjoyed the attention and stroking.

When I think back on the last six months of her life, I’m grateful for how they unfolded. Adding our little puppy Hope to our lives after losing Maverick, enabled Cheyenne to enjoy life in a new way. Even though she sometimes grumbled at Hope, having a puppy got Cheyenne back out for walks. That’s something we couldn’t do this past year because Cheyenne refused to go for a walk without Maverick by her side. We also took her out frequently to dog beach and the dog park and she really seemed to enjoy both in her own quiet way.

A picky eater most of her life, and particularly in the past few months, I just found dog food she would eat… this week. I actually was feeling hopeful as she was eating more and getting a bit of a spring back in her step. One last hurrah I guess. I’ve heard that sometimes happens at the end.

I will miss you Cheyenne.

For 12-1/2 years you were a part of our family. You brought happiness and unconditional love into our home the way only a dog can. But I guess you were ready to move on. Maybe you missed Maverick too much. Maybe you were just getting too old and weak. Or maybe you wanted to spare us having to make the decision for you like we had to with Maverick. I really don’t think I could have done that again so soon.

Rest in peace my little Boo-Boo.

Say “hi” to Mavvy for me. We’ll miss you both.

maverick and cheyenne

Cheyenne and Maverick in 2012

cheyenne and hope

Cheyenne and Hope


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  1. My heart goes out to you and your family. Even though we know our dogs come into our lives for a short time, it doesn’t make it any easier when it’s time to say goodbye. I hope your memories and beautiful pictures bring you comfort, and your puppy Hope, softens the hurt.

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