Trust Your Gut

Living Inspired Interview, Featuring Holistic Health and Life Coach, Holly Wade.

Holly Wade

Please describe the inspired ideas that led you to start your business or begin your inspired journey.

I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease nearly 20 years ago. As a single woman, I dreamed of traveling the world, doing live events, training, and coaching, but didn’t know how I would do that with limited energy at times, limited income and a job that had good benefits. It took a 4-month stay in the hospital with a doctor saying, “You got here just in time. You didn’t have another day” to remove that fear and realize that helping others is actually a calling.

Please share examples of how you’ve followed inspiration.

Life has given me people to help me learn about my body, and more importantly, my self. They always showed up at the perfect time. I’ve laid out dreams and in their perfect time, they have come true. I’m an Educational Leader for The World GROOVE Movement. I’m writing for We Are Beautiful Magazine each month. These are things I wanted to do and now am doing.

Could you have planned this?

NOPE! Not like this! Because of being so, so, sick, I moved back home (Hemingford, NE) from Virginia to be closer to family. As a grown woman, I moved back in with my parents. Ugh, right? In all reality, it’s allowed me to have the things I needed so I could start my business. Nothing has been ideal, and has been absolutely PERFECT!!!

What has amazed you most about this journey?

I get to do what I absolutely love!!! And every time I let go and wait for the timing, the perfect thing shows up.

What advice would you share with someone who wants to build an inspired business or live a more inspired life?

Trust your gut and keep your eyes open. When things don’t “appear” to be going your way or the way YOU think they should be, trust that the process is unfolding perfectly and in TIME, it will all merge together.

You can learn more about Holly on her website or her Facebook Page.

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