Two kinds of marketing: You need BOTH

When I’m working with a client, helping them design the best marketing for their business, I always suggest they pick three to six different marketing activities.

You never want to put all your eggs in one basket.

So, I share with them my Marketing Activity Selector Tool which includes 24 different ways to market, along with criteria to help them choose the ones that best fit them and their business. They always pick three or more marketing activities, but one thing I’ve noticed is they very often pick what I call the “internal” marketing activities.

What are “Internal” marketing activities?

Internal marketing is marketing you use to build a relationship with people who already know you, or who are already in your circle. Internal marketing activities include things like publishing an ezine, email marketing, blog posts (unless your blog gets lots of organic search traffic), free teleclasses for your list, social media marketing, and even direct mail to your mailing list.

Internal marketing activities are NOT going to bring you new prospects.

They serve a very important role – that of relationship building, but if you’re just starting out in business, or if you have a very small list or number of social media friends or followers, they’re not going to do much to grow your list or following.

Enter the other kind of marketing that is ESSENTIAL: “External” Marketing.

“External” marketing is the marketing that reaches out beyond your current contacts and list, and brings new people into the fold of your business. You can look at this type of marketing as client acquisition marketing or list building marketing. When you’re just starting out in business, or if your prospect list is small, external marketing is essential if you want your business to grow.

You need new people coming into the fold of your business every day.

External marketing activities are any activities that get you or your message out in front of NEW people. This might include speaking engagements, teleseminars for other people’s lists, networking events, article marketing, and advertising.

Without External Marketing, you end up marketing to the same people over and over again.

While over time some people on your list will rise up and decide to become paying clients, it’s a finite group of people and if that’s the only marketing you’re doing, you’ll exhaust it very quickly (not to mention piss off the people on your list because all you’re doing is selling and promoting).

The Holy Grail of Effective Marketing.

Mixing equal parts of “Internal” and “External” marketing is the recipe for building a successful business. With at least two or three “external” marketing activities working to consistently bring you new people, and one or two “internal” marketing activities to build a relationship with those new people, you have a winning combination.

I encourage you to take a look at how you’re marketing your business and make sure you have both Internal and External marketing strategies in place.

And if you don’t, make a commitment to adjust your marketing plan so you do. If you’d some help picking a mix of internal and external marketing activities, you may want to check out my online course, How to Market Yourself as a Coach or Consultant. It includes a Marketing Activity Selector Ebook that will help you pick the best marketing activities for you and your business. It will also help you create a 90-Day Marketing Plan to help you reach your goals.

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Debbie worked in marketing for 32 years and ran a successful coaching and consulting business for 19. She now teaches marketing and helps people find greater happiness and success by learning how to Follow Inspiration.

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