Universal Validation

Following inspiration is all about trust.

We pay attention to inspired ideas, take action on those ideas, and trust things will work out for the best. And they usually do. Still, living and working inspired can feel risky at times, because very often we don’t know where the inspired path is leading us. We trust if we take one inspired step at a time, we’ll be led on a journey that will fulfill us, and help us fulfill our mission in the world.

But flying blind, as it sometimes feels like we’re doing, isn’t always easy.

So when the Universe is gracious enough to provide validation for the steps we’ve taken or the path we’re on, it’s certainly reassuring. That’s exactly what happened to me this week as I was packing up my office in preparation for our cross-country move (My Scariest, Most Exciting Inspired Idea Yet).

This story begins on my 50th birthday, back in 2011.

I celebrated my 50th birthday in Sedona, Arizona on 11-11-11. Because this milestone birthday fell on such a unique date, I felt called to spend it someplace special. Sedona was the place I was inspired to go. I love Sedona and the trip did not disappoint. It was magical.

Earlier this week as I was packing up my office I came across a card I bought on that trip. I was struck by what the card said. Clearly, something inspired me to pick it up in 2011, however I can see today I did not appreciate the magnitude of the message back then.

Today it feels almost prophetic as I look at the work I’ve now dedicated my life to.


I think most people believe they have a lucky number. Well, the number 11 has always been “my number.” It’s not only my birth month and day, I also notice 11:11 on clocks frequently. Our house number for the past 24 years is even 111.

But I never connected the number 11 to my path in life.

Not even when I first saw and purchased this card back in 2011. I bought the card because I was celebrating my birthday and there were a lot of 11’s involved in my birthday that year.

When I found the card in my office this week, and read it again, I saw so much more.

Below is a copy of the front and inside of that card.

From the word INSPIRATION on the front, to the inside text describing the work I’m now doing. From identifying my career as an Educator and Writer (exactly what I have become after spending years as a marketer), to calling out that beauty, nature, and spiritual ideals are very important to me (our move to Asheville, North Carolina is all about these things!), this card describes me, my life, and my work to a T!

I wanted to share this in the hope it may shed light on how the inspired path works.

We can follow it day-by-day, and still not fully appreciate the magnitude or magic of where we’re being led.

We may come across messages while on the inspired path, and in that moment not fully comprehend them, and that’s OK.

And if we continue to follow and trust, at some point along the way, it all becomes crystal clear.

I don’t think it’s any mistake I found this card and re-read this message on the precipice of stepping into my biggest inspired idea yet. As we prepare to leave the place we’ve called home all of our lives and embark on a new adventure, that is truly inspired, it’s scary and exciting all at the same time. The message on this card reassures me in this time of great change. And, it reminds me when I’m brave enough to follow inspiration, I’m never disappointed.

So even if you feel lost right now… if you’re not sure what you’re supposed to be doing… just keep showing up, following inspired ideas, and trusting.

In the meantime, be fully present every step of the way.

And who knows, perhaps someday in the near future, you too may bump into a universal validation of your own.

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