What Does a Successful Inspired Business Look Like? [Video]

How you measure success matters.

I used to measure my business success the way most people do, based on how much money I was making, how many clients I had, how much those clients were paying me, how big my email list was… you get the idea. Metrics. And the goal was always more, more, and more.

Problem was, I was working way too hard.

I had no time for fun. My life was completely defined by my business. My self worth was all wrapped up in my success. And while I was successful according to all the traditional measuring sticks, I was ready to walk away from my business because I just wasn’t happy.

I no longer measure success that way.

Yes, the business has to be profitable, otherwise what’s the point? But while money can make things easier, I’ve learned having a lot of it doesn’t guarantee happiness.

Being successful in an Inspired Business means you’re making money, enjoying your work, and enjoying your life. You may work hard but you also have time for play. That balance is critically important, because if you’re consumed by work, like I was for far too many years, there’s no room for inspiration.

You end up working way too hard, feeling frustrated and stressed out, and potentially even burning out.

That simply doesn’t happen in an Inspired Business.

When you’re following inspiration, there’s an ease and flow to your business that I’ve never experienced in a traditional business. And I’ve done it both ways: 10 years the traditional, “if it’s to be, it’s up to me” way; and 10 years the Inspired Way.

I want you to love your life and your business.

And that’s why I’m so excited to be sharing everything I’ve learned over the past 10 years building Inspired Businesses, in my newest online course, How to Create, Market, and Grow an Inspired Business.

Watch my last sneak peek video below.

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