What is Following Inspiration?

In case you’re wondering, I thought I’d give you a definition…

Following inspiration is listening to, and doing what that little voice inside is telling you to do.

It’s paying attention to that little nudge, that sense you should do something.

It’s taking action on those “light-bulb” ideas that come to you, very often when you least expect them.

It’s taking advantage of opportunities that arise, when you just know it’s right in your heart, even if the timing sucks or you can’t afford it, or it makes no sense to your head.

It’s doing what you feel inspired and led to do vs. doing what your head and your to-do list tell you to do.

It’s following your intuition.

It’s trusting your gut.

It’s honoring your heart.

3 thoughts on “What is Following Inspiration?”

  1. As a creative person I’ve always placed a high value on inspiration — more than most I suspect. Because, in my opinion, it’s hard to create anything special or even good if it doesn’t come from that inspired place.

    As a business person, while I value inspiration, I’ve realized that I can’t always be as inspired as I’d like to accomplish things I want or need to get done. Often, it takes that nose-to-the- grindstone attitude. But even with that often required attitude I’ve learned the importance of taking breaks to exhale, step-back, and be as sure as possible that the steps I’m taking are leading me in the right direction.

    1. Absolutely John, it is a dance between doing the work that needs to be done, and stepping back, taking breaks, and opening up to inspiration.

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