What You Focus On Expands

  • Debbie 

Call it the Law of Attraction or whatever you want. It’s true that whatever you place your focus on, you naturally attract more of into your life. Or, at least you become aware of more things that are in line with that focus. Truth is, they’re already there, it’s just you often don’t see them because you’re too focused on other things. (Ever bought a new car and suddenly see that make and model everywhere? This is a perfect example of this phenomenon).

I recently realized this actually led to my becoming Spellbound.

I’ve been following inspiration (taking action on what shows up in my life) pretty consistently since 2008. Yet, I’ve often wondered how I got so off-track in 2009.

My focus was on becoming more successful and making more money. So naturally I encountered opportunities to do both at every turn. That’s where my attention was, so that’s what I saw. Believing all of the opportunities were divinely inspired, I chased them all.

I get it now. My focus was in the wrong place.

I suppose the lesson here is to be careful what you focus on.

My focus has definitely changed this year, especially as I am writing Breaking The Spell. I’m also attracting very different people and opportunities into my life. Once again the Law of Attraction is at work. It always is.

From now on, I will maintain my focus on staying grounded and doing what’s important to me. I will take it off the bright shiny objects, the “shoulds” and the goals that I now see were too strongly influenced by other people.

Lesson learned.

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