When Inspired Ideas Collide

  • Debbie 

What happens when you have multiple inspired ideas, and they conflict with each other? Perhaps you’re following the path prompted by one inspired idea when another idea shows up. The new idea means switching paths. Changing direction. Not following through on the original idea.

How do you know which idea to pursue?

As I’ve shared, following inspiration doesn’t mean you have life all figured out. It doesn’t mean you’ll always know what to do in every situation. And it certainly doesn’t mean you leave your logical thinking mind in favor of following every whim.

Living inspired means melding your thinking mind with your inspired ideas.

You get an idea, you evaluate whether it feels right, and whether it will propel you toward your greater vision. If you believe it will, you follow through.

But the nature of inspired ideas is that they show up unexpectedly and frequently, especially when you’re truly paying attention. So when two ideas show up in succession, and they both feel right, but you have to choose one, it can be a bit unsettling.

This happened to me recently.

I was following an inspired idea related to my business transition and new blog. Everything felt right. I was in a really good place. Until a few weeks in when another inspired idea popped into my head. A really good idea, but one that conflicted with what I was already doing.

I wasn’t sure what to do. Both ideas felt right in their own way. But I had to make a decision. I couldn’t follow both. I had to choose one.

Time for my business brain to kick in.

I decided to evaluate both ideas from a marketing perspective. Since both were central to the marketing of my new blog, I knew I needed to make sure I was pursuing the idea with the most marketing merit.

After evaluating, the choice became clear.

While both ideas could work, one idea was the smarter marketing choice. As someone who has built several online businesses, I could not ignore that logic. If I want to get my message out, I know I have to build my online brand in a smart way. Inspiration can get me started. But business sense plays an important role.

I always advocate for following inspiration… or your heart… or that internal knowing that just feels right. But that doesn’t mean you follow blindly. I would never advocate checking your brain at the curb.

It’s important to balance inspiration with evaluation.

If you find yourself questioning an idea, or having to choose between ideas, give yourself time to contemplate both. Pull out your rational mind and do some critical evaluation. And then follow the smart path to your goals.

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