Where Do Inspired Messages Come From?

  • Debbie 

If you’re new to following an inspired path you may be wondering…

“How do I get inspired messages?”

“Where do they come from?”

“Will I know when I receive a message?”

My response is they can come from anywhere. So just be aware. And trust you’ll know them when they show up.

I always get inspired messages from songs I hear while running.

I think it must be the combination of running—a form of meditation for me—and music. Pretty much every time I’m out running, I’ll hear a song—one I’ve heard a thousand times before—and a lyric suddenly takes on new meaning. It bears a message. And it’s always a message I needed to hear that day.

Today when I finished writing, I was inspired to go for a run. It was a little warm, but I felt the urge to go anyway. And sure enough, toward the end of my run I heard a phrase I needed to hear. It confirmed that I’m on the right path. That some pretty big changes I’m contemplating, that are pretty scary for me, don’t need to scare me. That I shouldn’t worry because Heaven has a plan for me.

I felt reassured.

I thanked the universe for the message. And I came home to write this post!

I also get messages from books, movies, my daily walk in nature with my dogs. They pretty much come at me from every direction. I receive the messages because I’m open and paying attention. Not because I’m looking for them. If you try too hard, as with anything else, you cross over into force.

And living an inspired life is about allowing, not forcing.

While my inspiring ahas may come via my playlist, yours may come in some other way. To hear them just go about your day with an open mind. Pay attention. Listen. Be present. And I promise you, they will show up.

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  1. There is something in the universe that when you ask for help it does transpire. For me when I need help or a solution to a problem, I put the problem, issue in my mind just before I sleep. Amazingly, the solution or clarity is there when I wake up.

    To give you an example, a few years ago I was going through a hostile take-over of my business. A business I really loved and had spent many years and much blood and sweat to build successfully. I had 2 non-executive partners. One of them wanted more shareholding to get control of the business, so the other shareholder diluted his shares, leaving me in a very vulnerable position to retain the executive position I held. It didn’t take long for the now majority shareholder to want to replace me with his own team which I knew would ruin everything I had created and if I stayed on board would bury me in debt.

    Over the years, I had pedantically worked with my company secretary ensuring all the company’s legal documents were in order. When my partner diluted his shares, money for them was exchanged and all that was required was the documentation to be finalised.

    When proposals for all the changes were put forward, it soon became very clear that my ‘diluted’ partner realised the terrible mistake he’d made and we both believed everything was lost.

    I put the problem to the universe and upon waking, I had ONE phrase in my mind: “Have the shares been transferred?” I immediately followed up with my meticulous company secretary who was shocked that somehow we’d both not finalised the documentation.

    My ‘diluted’ partner refunded the money immediately into the other partner’s bank account and then we faced a rather irate partner who became very personal in his threats.

    For the record, this partner decided to take us on with his own team and within 3 years had incurred USD 4 million in debt and had to sell what was left of that business.

    This is not the only issue or problem I’ve had solved by the universe. I chuck it up and wait! Don’t ask me how this works – I have no clue, but it works for me!

    1. Fran, thank you for sharing this. It’s such a great example. I think sometimes we get so micro-focused trying to think out the answer to things that we simply can’t see the forest for the trees. And when we open up our mind, the inspired answers and ideas can finally come through. I love that you put the issue in your mind before you sleep and then wake up with the answer. For me, it’s going on a walk or a run, although they do show up at other times, too. I think its important for people to discover what works for them. Glad everything worked out for you. Doesn’t sound like a fun situation at all! Take care.

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