Why Being Present is So Important

As much as I focus on trying to stay in the present moment, I admit I’m human and often find myself worrying about the future.

The idea of being present has been drilled into my head, and I fully appreciate it. I get that worrying about something that may or may not happen is futile… it’s wasted energy.

Yet, the planner in me persists. And unfortunately, more times than I care to admit, instead of simply enjoying where I am, I am all too often focused on where I am going.

A recent incident provided a great reminder to keep on fighting the good fight—that fight being to BE PRESENT and enjoy the moment.

Several weeks ago an 18-year-old softball player who lives here in San Diego and played for the same softball franchise my daughter played for was tragically murdered, along with her mother. While we didn’t know her, she was part of a community we belonged to for years.

Like my daughter who just graduated from college and played softball all four years, this young woman had received a scholarship and was heading off to college in the fall to study and continue her softball career. She was a beautiful young woman, whose life was cut tragically short.

Additionally, just this past week, her local softball team participated in the national championship tournament right here at our home fields. A tournament teams must qualify for, and that’s no easy feat.

It got me to thinking, that if this young woman had focused all of her attention on getting to nationals and getting to college, and did not just enjoy playing and competing along the way, it would have been all for naught. She never got to play at nationals and she will never go to college.

It really put the idea of truly being present and enjoying each day, front and center for me.

Not to be morbid, but none of us knows what tomorrow will bring. So if we’re not enjoying what we’re doing today, on the path to those bigger dreams, what’s the point?

If however, we enjoy the journey, then we win, even if we never achieve the bigger dream. Because we’ve enjoyed our life.

Of course there is no winning for the young softball player whose life was cut short so senselessly. So I guess if we are to look for any silver lining, perhaps it simply is to let it be a reminder to all of us, to live and love each day we do have.

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  1. So true, Debbie.
    About a year ago, I lost one of my high school friends. She was 27 and it was sudden.

    It made me really think about all the things that I say I want, but never bother to actually do (hot air balloon ride, quit my j.o.b) and how important the moment is (being present when I’m with my husband and friends rather than thinking about biz).

    It was another wake up call for me, and I learned to enjoy the ride, because you never know when you’ll be taken.

    I’d like to say that I did go for that hot air balloon ride (unfortunately, not yet!) BUT I have fully immersed myself in my passion, quit the job, focus on my family when I’m with them…and I do enjoy every little moment a lot more; Because the little moments make up life.

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