Why I Don’t Believe in Setting Goals

The Business Stylist® Podcast Episode 149.

setting goals vs. setting intentions

A lot of success gurus advocate setting Goals and Objectives. I disagree.

In fact, I followed the practice of setting specific goals and objectives for many years, and all it ever led to was disappointment.

Because setting a specific measurable goal or objective means one of two things: you’re either going to achieve it, or not.

That means your business, and the way you measure it, becomes very black and white.

Business is anything but black and white.

I don’t think the only way to motivate yourself to move forward in your business is to set, pass-or-fail, goals or objectives.

I prefer to set intentions.

There is no failure with intentions.

It also leaves the possibility open that you’ll achieve something even greater.

In this podcast and video I share the difference between Intentions and Goals & Objectives, and why I no longer set goals and objectives.

Setting intentions is an integral part of creating a simple strategic plan for your business. And for achieving the life and business you really want. Learn how to create a simple strategic plan in an afternoon, here.

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