I’ve talked, written, and created online courses for years about living inspired, which I describe as learning to following that little voice inside–your heart, your gut, your intuition, your higher self, or whatever you want to call it–instead of following society or doing what you think you should be doing.

In the video below I take it one step further, and talk about why I believe living inspired is ExtraOrdinary.

It’s one of the many discussions and topics covered in my online course, How to Live an ExtraOrdinary Life, created in partnership with Kevin Monroe, host of the global online community, This ExtraOrdinary Life.

The reason I think living inspired is extraordinary is because most us don’t do it.

Especially Boomers–and maybe less so the generations that are coming behind us because they’ve grown up in different times–but for Boomers we were schooled in the practice of setting goals, planning and mapping everything out.

We weren’t taught to follow our hearts, our guts, our intuition.

We were taught to use our heads.

When you’re able to step out of that and recognize that’s not how you’re going to find your true calling, and that probably isn’t how you’re going to be able to best serve the world with your gifts, everything shifts. When you realize that letting go, trusting, and following inspiration is what allows you to truly live the life you were put on this earth to live, you realize the power of living inspired.

Because when you’re coming from that figure-it-out, set-goals, create-a-plan mentality, you’re operating within a box of your own enclosed awareness of what you think is possible. You’re being driven by what you think you should be doing. And that puts huge limitations on you and your potential. Because if you can’t envision it, or believe it’s possible, you won’t ever attempt it.

You have to break through all the the voices in your head that are telling you what you should do.

I share a lot about when I broke through in my books. It was a shedding of all those voices in my head. There were so many voices: mentors, coaches, teachers, parents, society. It was loud in there! And, it was holding me back big time.

Tuning out those voices is what allowed me to hear my voice.

And, to me, that’s what living inspired is all about. It’s about listening to your voice, your internal GPS, and going where you’re being called to go.

I believe to live an ExtraOrdinary life, you almost have to live inspired.

Never in a million years would I have thought my life would look the way it looks now. That I would be doing the work I’m doing. Talking about the things I’m talking about. Teaching what I’m teaching. Meeting the people I’m meeting. Doing the volunteer work I’m doing. Living where I live. Because I didn’t plan any of it. I simply followed what showed up in my life, one step at a time.

Living Inspired is ExtraOrdinary because most of us don’t do it.

We’re not taught to follow our hearts or what shows up in life. But when we learn to, and we practice living inspired, it shifts not only our life but everybody that we come in contact with.

In the course we share:

  • The difference between exceptional and extraordinary—and there is a big difference!
  • 19 ExtraOrdinary Life Qualities, why they make life ExtraOrdinary, and how you can incorporate them into your life (and no, you don’t have to do all 19 to live an extraordinary life!)
  • What ExtraOrdinary Work and Business look like and why our world so desperately needs more ExtraOrdinary leaders, and employees.
  • What it takes to have ExtraOrdinary Relationships, and simple ways you can create them.
  • The benefits of living an ExtraOrdinary life and why even though it does take some effort, the rewards are totally worth it.

We’ll even help you create your own ExtraOrdinary Life Plan.

So you can step into Your ExtraOrdinary life in the areas of work, relationships, and self care (don’t worry, it’s a simple exercise we hope will help you focus attention on your intentions so you can easily learn how to live an ExtraOrdinary Life).

You can learn more about this online course here


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