Why You Must Expect and Plan For Change in Your Business

The Business Stylist® Podcast Episode 43

We’ve all heard the adage “Change Happens.” Yet, it can still throw us for a loop when it happens to us. If I’ve learned one thing in 15 years of business it’s that change is inevitable, and if you don’t expect it and plan for it, it can wreck havoc with your business. However, when you expect change it can offer all kinds of wonderful opportunities. It really is all about perspective, planning, and letting go. In this episode I talk about why expecting change, and planning for it, is one of the most important things you can do in your coaching or consulting business.

About Debbie

After spending 32 years in marketing, Debbie now spends her time blogging, teaching online courses, doing volunteer pet therapy, and encouraging others to follow a more inspired path through life.

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