Why You Should Be Selling a Signature Program and Not Your Time

The Business Stylist® Podcast Episode 124

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If you’re an independent coach or consultant and you’re currently selling your time by the hour, or you’re selling packages based on term (e.g. 3-month coaching package), you’re probably working a lot harder to sell your services than you need to be. Additionally, you may not be getting paid what you’re really worth. In this episode I talk about a concept called a “signature program” and why it’s a much better way to package and sell your services, than selling your time.

If, after listening to this episode, you like the idea of designing and selling a signature program, and you’d like to learn how, I invite you to check out my online course, How to Design a Signature Coaching or Consulting Program. You can watch the first two video lessons for free and preview the course curriculum before enrolling to see if the course is a good fit for you.

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