Wisdom From Winnie The Pooh

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On my run this morning, I was thinking about the bracelets I bought for my daughter and myself for Christmas. They feature the following quote from Winnie The Pooh:

You are Braver than you believe, Stronger than you seem, and Smarter than you think

My daughter loved Winnie The Pooh as a child.

She still loves him, for the simple, yet profound wisdom that permeates his stories and that can really only be appreciated as an adult.

I love this quote because it’s a great reminder that we are more powerful than we often give ourselves credit for. This world has a way of making us doubt ourselves. We often compare ourselves to others—far too easy to do on social media—and we come up feeling like everyone else is happier, more successful, has a better relationship or job, than we do.

As I was running, I thought I ought to write about this today.

When I got home, I was perusing my Facebook feed while I ate breakfast, when I came across a post announcing that today is National Winnie The Pooh Day. Who knew?!

That’s when I knew I absolutely had to write about this today.

This type of synchronicity happens almost daily in my life. Well, at least when I’m able to stay open to the flow. It’s the type of common occurrence I used to write about on my Following Inspiration blog back in 2008.

It’s also the subject of one of the books I’m working on.

I’ve actually coined a new word that represents this concept of letting go, trusting, and staying open to what shows up (my mantra and how I endeavor to live my life) and I call it Surrendicity. Because it’s all about the Synchronicity that shows up when you Surrender and stop trying to control your life and the world around you (a futile task if you haven’t yet figured it out!)

One of my favorite books from more than 25 years ago is The Celestine Prophecy.

It’s all about synchronism. I don’t think I even appreciated the concept when I first read the book. But there was something about that book that resonated with me deeply. When I stepped into the world of personal development in the mid-2000’s I re-read the book and it took on a whole new meaning for me. It continues to be one of my favorites because I’ve experienced the magic of synchronicity so frequently… well, at least once I let go of control!

Today’s post is such a perfect example of how it shows up in my life.

Sometimes it’s something little and seemingly inconsequential. Other times it’s life changing. The key is to remain open, pay attention, and let go of your expectations of how you think things should be. Very often, when following synchronism or inspiration, it’s not logical. That’s where trust comes in.

In honor of National Winnie The Pooh Day, there’s one more book I’d like to mention.

The Tao of Pooh and The Te of Piglet

If you’re familiar with Taoism, or you’re interested in learning more, you’ll appreciate this book that approaches these ancient principles through the eyes of Winnie The Pooh. And yes, both my daughter and I read and loved this book.

Happy National Winnie The Pooh Day!

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  1. Winnie the Pooh is still a favourite in my family! I love that you wrote a whole blog post about him. And yes books that you mention can be found in my book shelf behind me at work! Infinite fountains of wisdom in both books and written with both clarity and love.

    Greetings from

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